00 :: Author and Genre Study Through the Lens of Ernest Hemingway


TUESDAY 10/12/10

Periods 1-3, 3-4

Read “Three Day Blow” together as a class. Text will be presented on the Smart Board.


Begin The Hemingway Collage due FRIDAY!!!!

Looking through magazines in class (and anything at home that reminds you of Hemingway or one of his characters or even settings) cut and paste a collage that incorporates your understanding and or feelings of the text. There must be something from every text we’ve read: Indian Camp, The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife, The End of Something, Three Day Blow, Cross Country Snow and The Battler. You are to organize your thoughts for the writing part of this project, to be fully explained in your presentations.

You can put pictures, colors, leaves, flowers, quotations from the stories, your own drawings and designs. Most importantly, have fun!!!

With the collage please include a two page essay (front and back of a sheet will suffice) explainging all the aspects of your creative poster. You will present your work on Friday.

Homework: Find things to put in your collage.

Period 7 Honors Class:

Take exam. Papers will be switched and we will grade each other’s exams together as a class.

Introduce The Hemingway Collage and begin working on it. Presentations will be on Friday.

Homework: Read “The Battler” and find things to put in your collage.

WEDNESDAY 10/13/10

Periods 1-2,3-4

Take exam

Grade each other’s exam.

Independent reading for 20 minutes: “The Battler”.

Work on collages.

Homework: Finish reading “The Battler”.

Period 7 Honors Class:

Inking Your Thinking

“On his way back to the living room he passed a mirror in the dining room and looked in it. His face looked strange. He smiled at the face in the mirror and it grinned back at him. He winked at it and went on.” (HEMINGWAY 121, from “The Three Day Blow”.)

What does the narrative suggest when he describes Nick as two different people when he looks in the mirror?

Share and discuss Inking Your Thinking responses.

Work on collage

THURSDAY 10/14/10

Students are to continue working on their collage. GET AS MUCH DONE AS YOU CAN. Those who are done cutting and pasting can begin writing. YOU WILL BE PRESENTING TOMORROW!

HOMEWORK: Finish your collages.

FRIDAY 10/15/10

The Hemingway Collage presentations will commence immediatly. No Inking Your Thinking. Presentations will include a question/answer discussion.

After Presentations, if there is time, we will read a SCARY STORY!!!! Whoa!


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