Bare-bones Outline


  1. THESIS STATEMENT / CLAIM = Ricemshldnt be fired
  2. evidence of claim = his own busines
  3. evidence of claim = too harsh
  4. antithesis / counterclaim some say he deserves firing
  5. summary / conclusion to para I
  6. restatement of evidence A
  7. support evidence A
  8. support evidence A
  9. support evidence A
  10. summary / conclusion to para II

III.   restatement of evidence B

  1. support evidence B
  2. support evidence B
  3. support evidence B
  4. summary / conclusion to para III
  6. support antithesis /counterclaim
  7. support antithesis /counterclaim
  8. support antithesis /counterclaim
  9. summary / conclusion to para IV
  11. concluding statement
  12. concluding statement
  13. concluding statement
  14. summary / conclusion to essay

Poughkeepie Varsity Forfeits Game to Saugerties

POK team

Poughkeepsie Varsity Football

Should the Poughkeepsie High School football team forfeit its Friday game because of unsportsmanlike behavior following last Friday night’s game?

The superintendent announced the following:  “We deeply apologize to our parents, students, and our Poughkeepsie City School District community for the cancellation of the varsity football game scheduled for Friday, September 18, 2015. At this time, the varsity football team will forfeit the game due to concerns raised about “unsportsmanlike” behavior this past Friday, September 11, 2015 as the team was returning from an away game.”

Should the Poughkeepsie High School football team forfeit its game against Saugerties because of unsportsmanlike behavior?

Using the believing and doubting strategy, write a believing and then a doubting paragraph.  The class responses uploaded here may inform your draft argumentative essay.

Creating a writing community


A community works best if all members agree on the rules, regulations and policies that will govern the proceedings in which all participate.  To this end, you were asked to think critically about the most equitable practices to introduce into our class to ensure that things run in an orderly yet engaging manner.

Please transcribe the rules you have composed to a word processing document..  Then save the document to your Google drive.  Copy and paste the content of our document here.  We will then read each others’ suggestions, and decide upon a constitution of sorts for our class.

Thank you.