War is not good for people and other living things . . .

downloadCreate a five-photograph essay that explains your impression of the following prompt:
“How does war affect societies ad individuas?”

Save your document as a pdf and upload here.

Script of Anne’s Diary


Review your role as a playwright and the elements of a dramatic script on page 324 of Connections. Screen the student video portraying the conflict between Mr. Dussel and Anne over the desk they must share.

Recall a favorite scene from the drama The Diary of Anne Frank. Write your own version of that scene. Be sure to include the important elements of the script (character list, setting, stage directions, dialogue) in your work to emphasize your understanding of the characterization of Anne Frank by the original.

Type your script in MS Word, then copy and paste to upload here. Your header should indicate that the assignment is “Diary script 1.”