Critical Lens: Respect for my Teachers

Use the critical lens method to analyze the following passage:

“I pledge to always demonstrate respect for my teachers.”

~ P[E]ACE students.

  1. Write the quotation and the author’s name. [10 points]
  2. Paraphrase the quotation. (Put into your own words.) [15 points]
  3. Interpret the quotation. (State what the author means) [25 points]
  4. Agree or disagree with the author. [5 points]
  5. Explain why you agree or disagree with the author. [45 points]




The Little Match Girl

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 13.16.27

Read the short story, and write a summary, similar to a book report.  In your summary, include the following elements in your summary of the short story:  plot, setting, character, conflict, and resolution.

Write your summary in Google Docs, then copy and paste here to the class blog.


My journey to school


Review your journal’s table of contents.  Find the entry where you wrote a description of your journey to school.  In Google Docs, transcribe (type) your description.  Make sure your description of your journey to school is rich in imagery:  sights, smells, feelings, tastes, etc.

Check over your work for grammar, punctuation and spelling.  Notice the word count, and add that to the end of your description.  For example, in parentheses: [(200 words)].

Then copy your typewritten description and paste it into the comments section.  Enter your identifiation.

Argumentative Essay :: “Reality TV” :: Introduction paragraph


Review your journal’s table of contents.  Find your introductory paragraph on “Reality TV.”  The introduction contains the claim; three reasons or three sets of evidence, or two reasons and a counterclaim; and a conclusion.

In Google Docs, type the class header at the top of the page, then type your Reality TV paragraph.

(The class header has your first and last name at the left side of line 1, and  your Class at the right side of line 1.  On line two, at the left margin, type the date, and at the right margin, the assignment:  Introductory Paragraph.)

Check your paragraph for spelling, grammar and typing errors.  Color your text:  Red=intro paragraph; green=reason/evidence 1; blue=reason/evidence 2; orange=reason/evidence 3; red=conclusion.  Save your document [your name, your class, and a title like reality intro:  for example, dudley 707 realitytvintro

Copy and paste your paragraph into the comments section of this post.  Upload.




What have you learned this year in your English class?   Which were your favorite assignments, activities, and/or projects? Your least favorite?

Transcribe your penultimate journal entry here.