Your Children’s Book

Write a very short version of your children’s story. Look over your character map, your setting map and your conflict map to help the writing. The story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Take ten minutes to complete the writing.

The Easter Story

What do you know of the Easter story? What do you know of the Passover story? Please take five minutes to write the Easter story or the Passover story, using strong plot, setting, characterization, conflict, dialogue and other literary elements and devices.

Supreme Court & Same Gender Marriage

Focus write: The Supreme Court is hearing a case today concerning marriage between human beings of the same gender. Two California men claim that California law banning their marriage is unconstitutional.
After hearing arguments from both sides, the Supreme Court will decide if the California law banning marriage is constitutional or unconstitutional.
[Answer the three questions below, using R.A.F.T.]

— What do you think the Supreme Court will decide?

— If you were a Supreme Court judge, what would you decide? Why?

— What do you think the Supreme court SHOULD decide?

— Believe & Doubt: “the California law banning marriage is unconstitutional” [30.6.2014]