This I believe . . .



Essay Guidelines
In a personal essay, write your own statement of personal belief. It should include self-reflections about your values, and state something you believe strongly.  Model your belief statement on the essays we have heard and read from the NPR collection. You may find “This I Believe” essay tips here: Essay Guidelines.
Review journal entries to find a possible topic for your essay.

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THE PROJECT:  Write an essay about something that you believe in fervently.

THE STEPS:  1. Reflect on the values that are meaningful to you, and define them on the Values Activity worksheet. 2. Complete the Important Moments activity by answering ten key questions about yourself. 3. Decide which b

My earliest remembered neighborhood . . .

What is the earliest neighborhood that you can recall? What do the people and houses look like? The streets, the scary places, the weird people. Describe the people and your neighborhood in rich detail, using imagery to bring to life the tactile feelings, the smells, sights, sounds, and tastes that you have experienced.

Transcribe your journal entries about the neighborhood by typing your memory in MS Word. Use your best grammar, punctuation and spelling. Have another friend peer-edit your writing by reading your memory. Then have that person suggest changes or point out problems they notice with the writing. Once you have a final version, copy and paste your memory here to this blog entry’s COMMENTS.