This I believe . . .



Essay Guidelines
In a personal essay, write your own statement of personal belief. It should include self-reflections about your values, and state something you believe strongly.  Model your belief statement on the essays we have heard and read from the NPR collection. You may find “This I Believe” essay tips here: Essay Guidelines.
Review journal entries to find a possible topic for your essay.

Add your “This I Believe” essay here.

THE PROJECT:  Write an essay about something that you believe in fervently.

THE STEPS:  1. Reflect on the values that are meaningful to you, and define them on the Values Activity worksheet. 2. Complete the Important Moments activity by answering ten key questions about yourself. 3. Decide which b

Put Yourself In Other People’s Shoes


View the video summary and analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird  in the TKAM section of the Moodle.  One theme introduced is “you don’t know someone until you put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

Put yourself in the shoes of one TKAM character.  Describe yourself:  your thoughts, your opinions. What do you look like?  How old are you?  What is your bedroom like?  What do you dream about?  What do you fear? What is your strength?  Your weakness?  What size and kind of shoes do you wear? The worst thing you did or said in the novel?  The best thing you did or said in the novel? How do you feel about Mayella Ewell?

Choose one character, and write as if you were that character, answering the above questions about yourself:  Scout, Calpurnia, Jem, Dill, Miss Maudie.

Where will I be at thirty years of age?

Where will you be at the age of thirty?

Use the focus write (24 July 2013) in which you describe your vision of your future to elaborate on where you plan to be at the age of thirty in terms of family, geographical location, profession, hobbies, interests, travels, etc.

How do you make your living? What type of profession, business or other endeavor do you see yourself engaged in for a salary or other income? Where will you live? What kind of dwelling — apartment, house, farm, commune?

Also describe your family life: Married, children? What are your income expectations?