Exit Slip 17 December 2012

When George told Carla Dickson about his pact with Sampson and Rameck, she said, “This is very good,” and wrote something in her notebook. Why do you think Carla responded this way?

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One thought on “Exit Slip 17 December 2012

  1. Sintia Reyes-Martinez says:

    Sintia Reyes-Martinez English 7:3
    1-31-13 “Comment”
    King would have persuaded his audience by the ETHOS way by sharing what he thinks life would be like if they actually didn’t give up on fighting for their dreams. Him seeing litle black girls and boys and little white girls and boys all together in one classroom sitting next to eachother and becoming friends. The little kids being able to have the same equal rights.
    King would have persuaded his audience by the PATHOS way by updating his status on facebook and explaining how he feels. Asking them what they feel by being descriminated by all these whites who were literally in charge of where they ate. Where they shopped. Where they drank water. Where their schools were. How far they had to walk to these schools. Their poor schools and supplies.
    King would have persuaded his audience by the LOGOS way by tweeting and Saying that if they really wanted to make a difference to fight for it. Not in a violent way but in a non-violent way. To never give up on their dreams. That some day their kids would have the chance to not be treated the way they were treated as kids. Their kids would have a different and a better life, if they fought for what they believed.

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