Where will I be at thirty years of age?

Where will you be at the age of thirty?

Use the focus write (24 July 2013) in which you describe your vision of your future to elaborate on where you plan to be at the age of thirty in terms of family, geographical location, profession, hobbies, interests, travels, etc.

How do you make your living? What type of profession, business or other endeavor do you see yourself engaged in for a salary or other income? Where will you live? What kind of dwelling — apartment, house, farm, commune?

Also describe your family life: Married, children? What are your income expectations?

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13 thoughts on “Where will I be at thirty years of age?

  1. Esmeralda Rojo says:

    Where will I be at age 30?
    When I am 30 I will own my own resturant be married (to a man with blue eyes)and have 3 kids.Live in California be able to visit poughkeepsie whenever I want .Most of all live a happy enjoyable life with my family . Also not loose touch with my close friends (Alyssa, Sashi, Nyreaona,Yogi, and Mariam)

  2. Sashawna Isaacs says:

    Where Will I Be At Age 30?
    At age 30 i hope to be married(to a man with tattoos ,beautiful eyes and a six pack :) )with at least 2 kids out of 4. Career wise i would like to do something in telecommucations or flim. I dream big , I know. When I say I want to do something in flim I mean like making Youtube videos or short flims. I want this profession because it will show my personaltiy. I think my personaltiy is amazing and i have been told my personaltiy is enjoyable. I would also like to help people with self-esteem issuses or someone who just wants to smile through my videos. I also will have a life stock of chocolate.

  3. peter solares says:

    Peter Solares

    When i am thirty years old i would be married and have 2 kids. I would be rich and get all the things my family needs. Iwill try not to go as far away as possible from my family so i can protect my family and make my kids be happy to enjoy there life.My family would travel all over the world to go to new places i havent been before and to have fun .

  4. llyd johnson says:

    When im 30 years old im going to be out of colledge or university. If my dream doesnt work out which is to be a soccer player i will try to get a hands on job like to be a mechanic, construction builder, or a egineer. Even if my dream does work out I still will go to colledge to get some knowledge so i will have somthing to fall back on when i retire from a soccer player. Along the i hope i will get married and have a child.

  5. yolvelis says:

    Where will I be at age 30?
    At age 30 I will find myself having a wonderful family and job. My career will be business. I will be a wonderful laywer, I will have alot of money and live in a big house. I will have at least 3 kids and a wonderful husband. My husband will be an actor, have blue eyes, 6 pack, and own a awesome car. My kids will be very intellegient, creative, and have wonderful careers. In my house there will be many rooms. We will have alot of parties and have family vacations. I will have a very super duper life. THANK YOU :)

  6. Denzel Wheeler says:

    Denzel M. Wheeler Where will at the age 30?
    I think i will be in the NBA or the NFL. I will be driving in cars like Bugatties, Porches, Ferraries, Lambhorginies.Also, I will be on the New York Knicks in the NBA or, I will be on the New York Jets.I will have a family.

  7. Bryant Castellanos Ojeda says:

    Where will I be at age of 30?
    At the age of 30 I will probobly be runing a car mechanic store were I will be the owner of the store.I will be married with a wonderfull wife and have wonderfull kids a son and a doughter.My wife will be a hard working woman she will have a carrer as what ever she wants it does not matter as long as she works it is fine with me.So tecnicly I have a wonderfull life.


  8. Minh Chau says:

    Minh Chau September 23, 2013
    Period 4 Even Technology

    When I am thirty years old in the future, I will be an inventor to make the world a better world. I always wonder how things in the world works and what other inventions would really benefit mankind. I’m curious about what’s going on about electronics and how we are using them every day. What makes them work? How did they invent such complicated devices? Can any person invent a complex device to benefit the world? All of these questions can guide me toward my goal to make the world a better place in about 20 years from now. ~

  9. Niza says:

    Where will i be at the age of 30? I believe that at the age of married i will be happly married with one baby boy and one baby girl .I would probably by then be a nurse live an a amazing home ,with my husband .I would probably be an arts and crafts person ,teach classes on arts and crafts .Mabey have a cool home that has a park for the kids ,a pool,and a tree house .My husband would be a taller person then me , A person who respects me .I would have crafts that my childern have made and more .Also i would have video diaries to show to my kids when the get older .Another thing is that i would live happly with the people i love .

    By , Niza September 23,2013

  10. Amari Johnson says:

    Amari Johnson

    Amari Johnson Technology Period 4 Even 9/23/13

    When I am thirty years old, I would be a fashion desighner. I always loved to dress and like to express myself in clothes. When I was a little girl my parents always made sure I looked representable. I also will have a husband and a daughter. My husband will own a huge company and is a millionaire and we live in a big mansion. I would have a Mercedes-Benz and my husband will have the same one. So we will have matching cars! My daughter will be a spoiled brat, in a good way. She will get anything she wants because our household has good income so why not. I think that i should deserve to have a good life because I would work hard to get to where I want and everyone deserves a chance to have a shot at life.

    Amari Johnson

  11. Darion Edwards says:

    Where will I be at age 30?Well, I think i will be in the NBA.I train everyday that i can no matter what ,but I want to go to either UCLA or Duke.So when i do finally make my goal at age 30, I dont expect to be treated special or have all these things in life I just want to be a NBA player thats it. I dont care what team im on or who is on the team.This is where I will be at age 30.

  12. ishmel dugger says:

    Ishmel Dugger 9/23/13 tech per 4 Where i will be at thirty years of age? When im thirty years old i will be in the military with my younger cousin Rahdrym.I will have a wife ,two kids, a german shepard and a pitbull for pets.I will be in deadly combat in the military.Im gonna live in virginia not west virginia.Im gonna be living right next to Rahdrym and we are gonna have a big pool party in our backyards.

  13. rahdrym jennings says:

    Rahdrym Jennnings 9/23/13
    tech period:4
    Where I will be at thirty years of age?
    When I am at thirty years of age I wil be in the military with my older cousin ishmel . I will have a wife and two kids,And a german shepard and a bulldog for pets. professional boxer in the military be trained in deadly combat. Im gonna live in virginia not west virginia.im gonna live right next to my uncle in the military and live right by my cousin ishmel.we are gonna have a big pool party in the backyard of our houses.

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