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Essay Guidelines
In a personal essay, write your own statement of personal belief. It should include self-reflections about your values, and state something you believe strongly.  Model your belief statement on the essays we have heard and read from the NPR collection. You may find “This I Believe” essay tips here: Essay Guidelines.
Review journal entries to find a possible topic for your essay.

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THE PROJECT:  Write an essay about something that you believe in fervently.

THE STEPS:  1. Reflect on the values that are meaningful to you, and define them on the Values Activity worksheet. 2. Complete the Important Moments activity by answering ten key questions about yourself. 3. Decide which b

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  1. wanya says:

    Jordan Marzan 8:4
    This I Believe 6/10/15

    I believe that the tooth fairy is real.
    At the age of six my mother told me stories of this fairy she said “when you lose a tooth the tooth fairy will come through your window, take your tooth and leave you a little prize.”
    When I was about the age of seven I was in for a surprise that morning I have lost my tooth. So I waited that night to see what the tooth fairy . In the middle of the night I heard footsteps to my room I acted like I was sleeping so the fairy could move closer and when it was close enough I turned around and to my surprise I saw my mother with a dollar in her hand . She tried to tell me that she was filling in for her but I knew in my head that the tooth fairy was not real

  2. munickat says:

    Your story of learning the tooth fairy was not real is especially effective because you use an orderly sequence of events. Your Chronology moves your essay smoothly along. Your thesis is not exactly in keeping with your conclusion. Recheck for run-on sentences. Your writing has matured as you have.

  3. Jordan says:

    Jordan Marzan 8:4
    This I Believe 6/10/15
    I believed in the tooth fairy when I was little.
    At the age of six my mother told me stories of this fairy she said “when you lose a tooth the tooth fairy will come through your window, take your tooth and leave you a little prize.”
    When I was about the age of seven I was in for a surprise that morning I have lost my tooth. So I waited that night to see what the tooth fairy . In the middle of the night I heard footsteps to my room I acted like I was sleeping so the fairy could move closer and when it was close enough I turned around and to my surprise I saw my mother with a dollar in her hand . She tried to tell me that she was filling in for her but I knew in my head that the tooth fairy was not real

  4. erik santiago says:

    Erik Santiago 8:4
    Script 6/11/15
    I believe dogs should never be with an abusive owner.I had a friend with a father that was really mean and that used to hit his dog and when I saw that happening I felt very bad for the dog.No dog should ever be afraid of its owner.I didn’t have a dog at the time now that I have one I never laid my hands on him and talk to him calmly and he behaves very good and listens to my commands without hitting him.Iam not the only one that has the same message there is more people with the same message but nobody listens to our message and those who do what they do should get a fine.

  5. munickat says:

    Mya shackleford English 8:4
    6/11/15 I believe write

    I believe that dogs are the best kind of pet. They have lots of great characteristics. I can’t describe them all, but I can describe most of them.
    First, dogs have a protective instinct. They know who there owners are. They know who to protect. They have a keen cents of smell. They know who the bad guys are and the good guys are. I have lived with dogs my whole life.
    At the age of three, I had gotten bit by a dog. I had to get stitches on my eyebrow. I guess that bite just made me more connected to dogs. When I got a little older, I took care of more then ten dogs at the same time.

  6. Stephon Franklin says:

    Asiatic Turner English
    I believe essay

    I believe that life is a short time period. Life is to short to be waisting time. Life is something you have to us to the fullest. You’r not promised tomorrow. You can get you’r life taking away at any time. In life you should do things to provide you to make you a better person in life. You have to be a leader not a follower cause following can lead you to a bad place and cut you’r life short. My mom said that “ when you choose to hang around the bad people you life will be cut short” which means you will be six feet under or behind bars. In everyday life there is people dying over being around people changing there ways acting like there gang members. Also people you hang out with can cut you’r life a little shorter. In ife there is people that’s going to hate and not like you cause who you are. When I was like 5 there was people that killed my dad cause he was kinda wealthy. So that shows that there is people that will kill just to kill. So this means stay in school get an education and live life to the fullest.

  7. Jordan Marzan says:

    Jordan Marzan 8:4
    This I Believe 6/10/15
    I believe that the tooth fairy is real.
    At the age of six my mother told me stories of this fairy she said “when you lose a tooth the tooth fairy will come through your window, take your tooth and leave you a little prize.”
    When I was about the age of seven I was in for a surprise that morning I have lost my tooth. So I waited that night to see what the tooth fairy . In the middle of the night I heard footsteps to my room I acted like I was sleeping so the fairy could move closer and when it was close enough I turned around and to my surprise I saw my mother with a dollar in her hand . She tried to tell me that she was filling in for her so I believed her.

  8. Jordan Marzan says:

    Jordan Marzan 8:4
    This I Believe 6/10/15
    I believe that the tooth fairy is real.
    At the age of six my mother told me stories of this fairy. She said, “When you lose a tooth the tooth fairy will come through your window, take your tooth and leave you a little prize.”And than she yanked my tooth out. (It Hurt)
    When I was about the age of seven, I was in for a surprise that morning. I lost another tooth. So I waited that night to see the tooth fairy . In the middle of the night I heard footsteps to my room. I acted like I was sleeping so the fairy could move closer and when it was close enough, I turned around. And to my surprise I saw my mother with a dollar in her hand . She tried to tell me that she was filling in for the tooth fairy so I believed her. This is why I believe in the tooth fairy.

  9. TWIN says:

    This I Believe

    I believe that one day god will come and get the good people and send the bad people to hell. I believe that one day there will be peace in the world and no violence. I believe that its wrong for bullying people and bullies use to get bully and they take they anger out on someone else that smaller and weaker.

  10. Jyequele says:

    This I Believe

    I believe that one day god will come and get the good people and send the bad people to hell. I believe that one day there will be peace in the world and no violence. I believe that its wrong
    for bullying people and bullies use to get bully and they take they anger out on someone else that smaller and weaker

  11. Jennifer Antonio says:

    Jennifer Antonio Ojeda English 8 : 3,4
    6 / 12 / 15 This I believe : Essay

    I believe in having a great time. You should always find a way to have a great time. No matter what your age is you should always have fun because you only live once. Like that time I went to Mexico and took a visit to Acapulco.
    When I was like about 10 years old I went to Acapulco , Mexico for the first time. I went over the summer around July 1. Even though we were just there for a week, it was such a great trip. Over there is really hot and sometimes it gets humid. When I got there I immediately wanted to go to the beach. So we did but it was already dark and I wanted to go in the water but I got scared because I thought it was deep and the waves were going to fast. Like after 1 or 2 days I got use to the water. We would go to the beach every single day. Until like the 2nd to last day we decided to go to the water park. I forgot what it was called but it’s just like splash down. I went on this big water slide. When I got to the bottom I got scared and the moment I fell in the water I drowned. Instead of my sister and cousin helping me they just stood there laughing. After that I went on many other slides. We were there for like 2 hours and we left. Since we were hungry we went to eat. It was such a good day. Finally a week had past and we had to go back to Trinidad , Mexico. I didn’t want to though.
    It was such a good week because I got to spend my summer with my family in Mexico. You should always find a way to have fun with your family members or friends. Through out this trip I felt like I was free because I got to do what I wanted to do like have a great time. In my opinion you should always have fun no matter what.

  12. erik s says:

    Erik Santiago English 8:3,4
    June 9,2015 memory chart
    Have you ever regreted is the event iam describing.Ithappenedwhen I was yelling at my mom.This took place in finish line were there are many sneakers for every taste in the galleria mall.the people that were involved with this event was my mom and myself.When I picture this event I see myself angry ,disiredand frustrated and when I see my mothers face she is very embarrassed.When I think back to this event it makes me feel horrible cause my mom is everything to me and every single thing I do bad rottens me from the inside.If I have told someone about the sittuation at the time I would have said”that I was right about getting those shoes”.Now I know that what I did was inspicable and very wrong I will have to think about what to say before I speak.Some values that were important to me back then were shoes and that shoes meant more than anything.Some values that are important to me is my mom,my dog,money and my clothes.

  13. munickat says:

    Mya shackleford English 8:4
    6/12/15 I believe

    Hi. My name is Mya. I am 13 years old. I am the oldest out of four children. I have two brothers and two sisters. There names are Maliyah, Makayla, Michael, and Rahjahn. I believe that being the oldest is the hardest thing to do. My mom had her second kid when I was one years old. Her name is Makayla. She is now twelve years old. When she was a little older, she was diagnosed to being deaf. That’s even harder to take care of. The younger ones are little easier to handle. When my mom goes to work, it turns into kaos. My siblings don’t listen at all when my mom is at work. My cousin helps me babysit them. My responsibilities have gotten even harder. My brother has been suspended multiple times and had a hearing I don’t know what is wrong with him but he regressing. When I was the only child, I got anything I wanted. I went to florida, visited my family, and went to Florida. Now that I have siblings, we cant go anywhere. For example my mom planned for us to go to chuckie cheese. Then she changed her mind because there was too many kids. I was so mad. I think we will be going more places because my mom just got a new car. To me, I think that being the oldest is the biggest responsibility I can ever have.

  14. Bryant Castellanos says:

    Bryant Castellanos Ojeda English 8:4
    6/12/15 This I believe

    I believe that everyone has done something they regret. My story begins when I was 12 years old, back in 2013 and back then I thought that everything was great and awesome but then one thing changed my opinion that everything was great.
    It was the day of after my birthday and I collected all my birthday money to go buy something in the mall here in Poughkeepsie, I collected about 100 dollars and I was really excited about a new video game that came out. I was earning up my money for the new video and in total I earned about 20 dollars. Right there I knew that I was ready to buy the game but at the same time I knew that my parents did not want me to buy the game, instead they wanted me to buy a sweater or some pants or a shirt anything but that video game, I don’t know why they did not want me to buy the game, it was probably because it was too violent for them, after all it was rated M so I guess my parents thought it was not for me. I was really mad at first but then I convinced my parents to let me buy the game, I got really happy.
    Finally I was at game stop the store where I bought the game. I was really excited and nervous at the same time, I don’t know why I was nervous but anyways I was really happy for myself. I handed the cashier the money, the game coast 60 dollars. I couldn’t wait to get home and play the game. At last I was home, and straight away I inserted the disk I had no idea what I was feeling sad, happy, hungry, or maybe it was just that I had to go to the bathroom because I really had to pee. Whatever at that moment I didn’t know what to feel. I turned on the system and then…. the game I thought was really cool and awesome turned out to be a really bad game. I hated it, it was horrible every time the character moved or walked I got really dizzy and I felt like throwing up. It was really bad.
    Now I know that whenever I want some type of video game I should first get some type of information about it. Or otherwise you might end up regretting it like me.

  15. Jaqaurah Reed says:

    Jaqaurah Reed English8: 3 This I Believe

    When I first realize that my family loves me is when I was first born. When my mom came home everybody came running downstairs to see me and my mom. They was hugging my mom and they was kissing me and my sister was the first one to hold me when I was crying and she be feeding me my bottle and be playing with me until she gets tired. Also, my sister also puts me to sleep and she be the first one to say goodnight to me and kiss me goodnight. Also, when I was a little girl my mom was teaching me how to ride my bike and I will tip over and fall off and I had a cut on my knee it was bleeding a lot and my dad would pick me up and bring in the house to clean my knee off and to put a band aid on. Then my sister would kiss me on my head and say it will be alright. Or when I be crying my dad will give me a snack and a juice to make me feel better. Also, he will kiss me on the head and say that it will be alright. One more thing my family loves me for who I am inside. I don’t have to change so that my family can love me more. I’m always myself every day and all day that’s what makes my family loves me.
    When I was five years old my mom and dad always say that telling the truth is better than telling a lie behind their backs. So when I lie to my mom or my dad I get in trouble so fast cause the will find out from somebody or somewhere. Or sometimes they be believing me and I be so happy. Then , soon I start feeling guilty inside and I be going into my mom room and I end up telling the truth and I get yelled at and soon they say it’s not my fault cause I was only five years old I didn’t know what I was doing. So I believe that everybody should at least tell the truth to their parents so you won’t get yelled at or get on punishment. So, whoever is reading this please tell the truth every day.
    The first person that made me feel invincible is my sister her name is Jaz’myn. She makes me feel invincible because when she was growing up she didn’t care what other people say about her but if someone talked about her family then she turned to that person who said something about her family. Then she starts to bug out to that one person then she starts to talk about their family. If that person put their hands on her then she fight that person and she is not scared of anyone’s mom or dad and sisters and brothers. I believe that if you have a little sister or brother in school and some messes with he or she then you better get on that person and say that if you put your hands or talk about my sister or brother then I’m going to talk about your sister and or brother and see how he or she like it if you don’t like it then stop messing with my little sister or brother.
    I believe that people can anything they want to be because it’s their life not no other people life. If any other people tell you that you can’t be this and you got to be something else then say no I don’t also say I can whoever I want to be. For example, if someone tell you to be a nurse then say no I don’t and say that I can be a judge if I want to be its not your life it is my life. Also say that this myself not your life and don’t worry about me worry about yourself and your family before something happens to you and your family. Now I know that no one can tell me who I can be and I what I shouldn’t be because it’s my life not theirs and I will never let no one tell what to be and I can’t be.

  16. Jyahh Dancy says:

    Najyah Dancey
    I believe that you shouldn’t always predict your future because what you predict just might not happen. In my honest opinion I think if you predict your future that what you predicted it will happen but in the opposite .One Day I was arguing with my brother and I was saying something and what I said to actually happened to him and I really regret saying that to him. Another Day we had an family event and my uncle was telling us that as we get older Jail and running the streets are not the thing for us , so as he was saying that a year later something happened to my 3 cousins and he said once again he knew something was going to happen because everything he said to us went right out our ears which was right . But in my opinion I think you should always listen to someone who went through a certain situation because they know what will happen.

  17. Darryl Singleton says:

    Darryl Singleton Period:8
    6/12/15 ELA

    One thing I believe in is that people can login in to digital games to look like reality feel like they are in the game. I felt this way after watching SAO: Sword Art Online it’s a anime all about people wear headwear or helmets to login to the digital world of gaming. After the first season I was experience to think it was real. I started to have dreams about it but I was sad that the dream was over and it was time to wake up. Later I started to play a game called Elsword it was just like sword arts online. I wanted to keep playing it but at times my grandfather’s computer died and now its hard to play elsword. Then I got idea to make a headset that can take you to the digital world of gaming someday.

  18. Jason weatherly says:

    Jason Weatherly ELA 8:7

    6/12/15 I Believe Essay
    I believe in the power of love. This is the event that made me believe in love. The moment in my life when I realized my family loves me is when I was 4 I lived in the Bronx and my cousin, uncle, mom and I. my cousin and I were on the swing and I fell off it and hit the ground and my uncle and mom ran towards me to help me out.
    After this event I showed me that my family really does love and care for me. When I saw this happen I was really surprised and extremely happy. This is the event that sculpted me into the young man that I am today

  19. Zariana says:

    Zariana white-moore English7&8

    i believe life is too short.I believe this because i witness a person who helped me who loved me pass at a very young age.It was a short time ago i lost my grandma. I didn’t know at first.Its was a difficult topic for my dad to explain tom me.The moments i remember it was like the blink of an eye she was here with me . I remember the times i spent with her at my auntie house down south. My grandma death showed me that you can die any were anytime any place .Which i scary to me because i personal don’t want to die.I realize my grandma lived a fulfilling life ,successful life which i want to do before i die.Seeing and hearing all the things my grandma did to help others made me want to help others get threw things too.This is my goal in life is to be a Consler or an Psychologist .

  20. candace williams says:

    I Believe that people should have the authority to have any religon the chose to many people are worried about what the other person thinks about what they do in life and forget about the most important thing the care here to tell you that dont worry about what others think do what you think is right be yourself and express that through you religon if you have to.As i go more in depth about religon, religon is a universal thing which more people should do but unfortiantley they dont because of diffrent wars around the world wich greatfully doesnt prevent people from doing what they believe which is awsome.most importantly

  21. munickat says:

    Aaron Pryce English 8:7/8
    6/12/15 I Believe Essay

    I believe when I learn that isn’t fair s when my grandfather died. When this happen I was 13 year’s old. Where it happen was, my grandfather was sick he went to the hospital. Then on May 4, 2013 on mid-day he died. The place felt like a sad, dark hospital. When I sit down and picture my-self in my feeling was sad, anger, crying, isolated, and loved. When I think back it makes me feel sad and happy. I’m sad because I don’t have my grandfather here with me anymore. I’m happy because my grandfather is no longer in pain and have I to be in and out of the hospital every 2 months. Before this happen I thought that he wouldn’t died until I was about 17. Now I know that your plans will always or sometimes will get mess up. Some of the value that had back then was, family, love one’s, family friend, school and church. Now the values important is family, love one’s, and family friends.

  22. Joel Thomas says:

    Joel Thomas 6/12/15

    I believe in tooth fairy because when I was in 6 years old I lost my two front tooths.It happen in the dentist.My mom was with me when I was at the dentist.I was crying,screeming,afraid.When I think back on this day,it makes me feel like I want to be young again because I can do what I want to do.I would want to tell people that before this event I thought that they might embarrassed me.Now,I know that the tooth fairy is not real now.
    Some values that were important to me back then were respectful,truthful,and careful.
    Some values that were important to me now are care about one person,range of information or understanding,and feeling kind to someone.

  23. Stephon Franklin says:

    I Believe …
    I believe that Basketball is the best sport. I started to play basketball when I was 8 years old in the 3rd grade. I played at Warring elementary school and I played on the Warring school basketball team. We played in a medium size gym and the walls were purple with sports team poster boards on the wall, the floors were old and polished. This is some reasons why I think basketball is the best sport.
    When I was in warring I played on the basketball team. Most of my friends are involved on the basketball team. I got to play with my friend’s; I played on the team for 2 years. We went a whole season 10-0 and we won the championship. We got trophies and championship rings. That is when I really liked playing basketball. Kenneth is my best friend that I played basketball with because he is nice, caring, athletic, trustworthy, and funny. When I think back to that day I think about how better I have gotten in basketball. I wasn’t as nice as the other friends and kids. Now, I know that I gotten better and now play like my friends. A value to me that was important to me was to keep practicing. And I need to still practice now so I can still get better.
    That is why I believe that basketball is the best sport to me. And how I began my basketball career and how I got better. When you practice you get better that’s why “ practice makes perfect.” Do you like basketball?

    The End…

  24. Destiny says:

    Destiny Gordon English 8:1
    6/14/15 This i believe essay

    I believe that Santa Claus is real.
    When i was younger my parents well mainly my mom use to tell me about santa,and about how every christmas he would come inside our house and leave gifts.Now when i was younger i use to be so excited and happy on christmas.Every morning i would wake up and get up to go see lots of gifts and things on the living room carpet.One day i had went to my grandfather’s house and i started telling him about santa claus and what santa had left me.My grandfather said to me “Sants Claus is not real your mom and dad are the one’s leaving all those present’s for you”.I looked at my grandfather and said”I dont care what you say grandpa santa is real”,and then i continued to play with the toys i had took over to his house.My mom and i always use to stay up and wait for santa.One night we even put a carrot out in the hall for the reindeer’s.Eventually i started to believe Santa wasn’t real,because i didn’t really get a lot of gifts.Now i still do believe Santa is real,i sometimes get excited on christmas still .

  25. munickat says:

    Destiny, this is a vividly descriptive first draft. Why do you now believe in Santa again? That is a major part missing from your essay.
    Proofread and revise where there are missing spaces between sentences, missing capital letters, where quotes are inside periods, etc. See me if you are unsure of what I mean. After revising, resubmit for a better score. [70]

  26. munickat says:

    Nice. I wonder if your LARGER belief is that practice makes perfect. What do you think as you re-read? [80]

  27. munickat says:

    Hi Candace. This is the beginning and framework for a deep-probing statement of belief. What are the events in your life that brought youto this conclusion. What happened, who was involved? Use more imagery. Please revise and update. Also pay careful attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar. [60]

  28. munickat says:

    I believe that your overarching belief is that “practice makes perfect.” you give so much evidence of how hard and frequently you practice and play with others. I do believe that you believe basketball is the bbest sport, but you have not given evidence of how it is better than other sports. [70]

  29. munickat says:

    Joel, although you talk about believing in the tooth fairy, you write more about the dentist than the tooth fairy! You certainly practice the values, because I find you very kind and caring. However, you should add more about the tooth fairy to your essay, and a conclusion that shows why you still believe… [65]

  30. munickat says:

    Very interesting concept, and good examples. Your conclusion could be a little bit stronger and a bit more imagery — like the sound of what was said during the argument with your brother, or how he looked, or what he was wearing…. [75]

  31. munickat says:

    Whoa! This is about two essays. Your effort in producing this final piece of writing is truly commendable. You have worked very hard, and it shows. I would recommend closer proofreading to remove things that may be unclear, typos, etc. [80]

  32. munickat says:

    Darryl, your belief statement is a little unclear, although I think I know what you mean. Please proofread your writing, listening for what may be unclear to your audience. Also, add imagery — sounds, smells, etc. If you are talking about digital reality, surely part of that reality involves the five senses.

  33. munickat says:

    Revise for a higher grade. [60]

  34. munickat says:

    Bryant, you have come far as a writer and student of literture during the past year. The detail in your writing in this essay is evidence of your growth. Very well done. [85]

  35. munickat says:

    Very nice. Please add more detail. How do your mom, the room and the money look? How does money feel in your hand? Was your mom tiptoeing? And your conclusion should somehow restate your thesis…. [65]

  36. munickat says:

    I am considering this extra credit, and have taken the “basketball” essay to be the “this I believe” assignment. [70]

  37. munickat says:

    A nice beginning essay of belief. So your values are kindness and compassion and forgiveness, since you consider being bitten as an even closer means of connecting to dogs as pets. Give more imagery, more details, and don’t to forget your conclusions statement. Proof read for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. [65]

  38. zakiya says:

    Zakiya jonson Eng8:1
    6/16/15 this I believe

    I believed it was hard to trust
    I it’s hard to trust because best friend well used to be best friend. It all started in 7th grade I was the kid that got bullied because of what I did and how I looked. Lets just say it was a whole class bothering me . I changed classes and talked to this girl named Neaveh she was on my swim team . I still felt depressed it got so bad where I told Neaveh to take the belt and pull it tight around my neck and that I had a plan to kill myself . The school sent me to Astor I told my friends about my plan so someone told the school counselor . I went there for a couple days then stopped , it was hard to keep a smile on my face when I wanted to cry . As this was happening I was losing my friendship with my best friend. We started arguing because she got mad at me for not choosing her side of the story . See her and my other friend got into so I didn’t choose sides because they were both my friend . So what I did was sit with one day and then sit with the other the next day but it didn’t last long . my ‘’ best friend ‘’ started getting mad that I would do that then that’s when we got into it. The bad thing was I kept giving er chance after chance I would cry and beg to be her friend . All because I tried to make her like my old best friend that I missed .It just that I have such a big heart I’m starting to think I have a problem because in my head everyone is to my friend even when you don’t like me or treat me wrong . It took me till the end of 7th grade to realize that she wasn’t my old best friend and she would never want to be my friend for real . I also notice when we decided not to be friends I was the the one crying and saying sorry, trying make us friends again . She would bring the problem back up two weeks later when we were friends then it just made it worst . I was very mad and scared because I never thought someone would make me reach my breaking point to the point where I hated them . where I had yelled so loud that my table and her table were looking at me because I yelled. I don’t like to yell but at that time she really ticked me off and it was my last straw . When had got upstairs I wanted to kick her down and other violent act that they would’ve sent me to jail for. If it wasn’t for one of my friends I would’ve made a big mistake of my life . I never want to act like that ever again because deep down I’m very nice and I like to make others become friends again . from that day on I cut her off and stopped crying over her I was DONE with her . I couldn’t take being sad anymore but I started feeling like I couldn’t trust anyone anymore I didn’t want a friendship like that so I lost my trust . As I walked into 8th grade I saw a friend name Destiny she is my ever class . I didn’t know that much but we started talking and now were best friends. I didn’t want to put all my trust in the friendship I was to scared the same thing would happen just like in 7th grade . The more we talked the more trust I gave her now its like were sisters . So now I know not to trust everyone or make some like someone else because it will leave has to do is say hey and I’m happy again she makes me feel like I’m important and that’s all I want in a friend . It can be hard to trust but when you find someone like Destiny you will find your trust again I know it’s hard but keep trying .you with something bad. I’m actually happy we met because when I’m sad and in my thoughts again Destiny makes me feel better every time .

  39. Marissa says:

    Marissa says:
    Marissa Tisdale Eng 8:1
    6/17/15 This I what I believe
    I believe in Santa Claus because when I was a little girl I always use to make him cookies with milk and when i wake up in the morning they would be gone. When I was little I use to wake up in the morning and there would be a lot of presents up against the Christmas trees. Most of the presents that I’ve been giving to was from Santa Claus, Christmas is the best time of the year. My mom always use to tell me Christmas is not always about the presents its about family and friends coming together to have hope, happiness and to love one another. But, when I was little I didn’t know what she meant by that but now I am older enough to understand what was the meaning of Christmas. I still believe in Santa Claus even if my friends tell me he isn’t real but even if they are right I still don’t listen to them.But I trust my insticts and my beliefs.

  40. munickat says:

    Your mom’s remark is the core of your belief essay, and if you reorganize your ideas a little further, your writing would emphasize that it is not always about the presents. You provide a nice intro, details, andconclusion. Be sure to proofread: run-on sentences; “use to” should be :used to.” [65]

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