Put Yourself In Other People’s Shoes


View the video summary and analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird  in the TKAM section of the Moodle.  One theme introduced is “you don’t know someone until you put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

Put yourself in the shoes of one TKAM character.  Describe yourself:  your thoughts, your opinions. What do you look like?  How old are you?  What is your bedroom like?  What do you dream about?  What do you fear? What is your strength?  Your weakness?  What size and kind of shoes do you wear? The worst thing you did or said in the novel?  The best thing you did or said in the novel? How do you feel about Mayella Ewell?

Choose one character, and write as if you were that character, answering the above questions about yourself:  Scout, Calpurnia, Jem, Dill, Miss Maudie.

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9 thoughts on “Put Yourself In Other People’s Shoes

  1. Karla Santos English 8:E says:

    I picked Miss Maudie . I Like going outside and gardening . My bedroom is very neat. My strength is gardening,my weakness is staying inside.I dream about having an amazing garding.I feel sorry for mayella ewell that her father beat her.

  2. deavi says:

    Im jem the best thing i did was look into the radley house. I feel that mayella is nice but she does what her father says so she lies for him. The weakness is that he doesnt listen

  3. polo boy aka dJ dylan says:

    my name is dill and i have big teeth and i have the lebron edge up.i am 9 years old.i dream about nothing.i fear ladybugs and butterflies.my strength is chess.my weakness is everything.the worst thing ive said or done was me talking to jem or scout.

  4. yamir brown says:

    I’m white with brown hair.12 years old. It has white walls and two beds one for me and one for my sister scout. I dream about how crazy Boo Radley. I fear one day boo will catch us.

  5. munickat says:

    Karla, very imaginative and well thought out. Please revise to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation. Upload the revised version to the Moodle. GRADE: 75

  6. munickat says:

    Deavi, please use a real email address or use mine: ilovelit@aol.com. Revise and upload to Moodle for a better grade. Your imagination is just beginning to emerge. Finish the assignment! GRADE: 60

  7. munickat says:

    Dylan, please clean up the spelling and grammar. Well thought out. GRADE: 65 Upload revision to Moodle.

  8. munickat says:

    Yamir, please clean up spelling and grammar…. upload revision to Moodle.

  9. zymair says:

    I am jem, I am 13 years old I have a little sister named scout in school scout is always fighting and I have to break them up. I remember when bob ewell tried to kill me and my sister and he broke my arm.my fear is to go on the radley yard. I do not like mayella because she lied and said tom robison raped her and he went to jail and got killed.

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