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  1. munickat says:

    Keighshawn Pearson Ela 8:7 6/1/15 Letter

    Dear Future 8th graders,

    A couple ways to put up with Mrs. Dudley is shut your big mouth and not interrupt her because if you do she will definitely yell at you in German. If you talk while she’s talking, don’t do the writing assignments, don’t do your diary entries you will have to see her 10th, and yes there is no 10th period but for her there is and it’s called “TEACHER DETENTION”. If you skip that she will hunt you down and give a 45 minute detention. So GOOD LUCK!ss

    Keighshawn Pearson

  2. Najyah Dancy says:

    Dear Ms. Dudley 2015-2016 Class, Please do all your work in her class because she will give you a hard time ! Do not and I say do not get on her bad side because she will have your mother on speed dial. Lol . She will also always say see me 9th and you better make sure you see her 9th because she wont forget that you skipped her teacher d Ms.Dudley is a really nice teacher but sometimes can get outta hand….. and oh boy don’t you or let Ms.Dudley get outta hand because it will become a nightmare. Ms.Dudley always and when I saw always she always gives homework.
    Sincerely, Najyah Dancy

  3. YaNique "Yaya" Jackson says:

    Dear New 8th Grader,
    Ms.Dudleys class is a very easy class. Also Ms.Dudley is a fun teacher to be with. She will push you for excellence in writing and reading. One of the best teachers in the Poughkeepsie Middle School District. You will learn how to use computers and more.
    YaNique “Yaya” Jackson

  4. munickat says:

    But what should the kids do to be sure that this wonderful teacher remains pleased with their academic performance, dear YaYa? Please add some advice based on your experience. How does she feel about journals? Homework? Come on. You are giving advice as you move on up to the high school!

  5. munickat says:

    Well, I could not have said it better. Now show the new kids how much I taught you about proofreading and punctuatio! Please re-read, edit/revise, and submit again. Very well done, but needs a revision!

  6. munickat says:

    Dear new students in Ms.Dudley class,

    To succeed in her class you have to: be a savage like me(Monday-Thursday except Friday), always do your homework, pay attention, get a journal, write for the full 3 minutes or how long it is, hand in work on time same as homework, in the every weekend always do your annotated bib that what your reading and ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

  7. Stephon Franklin says:

    Dear, Future Students

    To survive Mrs. Dudley’s class you have to stay on her good side. Do all your class and homework. And sometimes you have to be a savage. You 100% have to have a notebook for free write and focus write. AND YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED with: pencil, pen, notebook, and journal. Do not get teacher detention!!!! And if you get on Mrs. Dudley’s bad side your moms number will be on speed dial. You do a lot of essays so be prepared. And do not be bad because you will be the AP’s best friend. When you have a sub you have to be on nerd mode when the sub calls for the AP or security and she will bring your class donuts. These are the ways to survive Mrs. Dudley’s Class for the 2015-16 8th grade students.

    Past Student

  8. Jordan Marzan says:

    Jordan Marzan 6/11/15
    Student letter 8:4

    Dear Students,
    If you want to pass this class you will have to.
    You will have to have all supplies, keep your notebook up to date,
    study and try not to talk or get distracted in the process.
    That’s really all you have to do to pass this class.

  9. Zariana White-Moore says:

    Dear Class of 2015-2016,
    Things to do and to not do in Ms Dudley class. Do not entertain the class with foolishness. Do not think the class revolves around you it revolves around the lesson .Dont disrespectful Ms Dudley or she say some stuff in Germany which u will not Understand at all. Things to do in ms Dudley class ,Do listen to the instruction do listen to ms Dudley rules and regulation for this class .Thats all I have to say and I promise you injoy this class .

    Your Truly ,
    Zariana white-moore

  10. Stephon Franklin says:

    Asiatic Turner English

    Dear students
    In Ms. Dudley class it’s not hard to pass. In her class all you have to do is do your work. Also yon have to pay attention in class. Also this class is fun we have parties and play games. Ms .Dudley teaches u new language like germen cause she is from Germany. Also in this class you have to do projects with group members.

  11. jonniqua dawson says:

    To all her stuends when she tell you to come in the class room you better come in the class or you are going to have delention.Then you better do your work when she tells you to.When she doesn’t talk in englsh then she probably tell u to do something for her or if your doing something wrong.But you better listen to her if you don’t we are going to have a problem.I really really hope that you listen to her when she is teaching the class cause I love her like a mom so just listen.

  12. erik s says:

    Dear students,
    I know that students have the knowledge to do better but the way they act and dress is more important to them than anything.In English class I always raise my hand to answer or to share what I need to say.But I believe other students are afraid to say what they think about the subject.
    Erik Santiago

  13. Jennifer Antonio says:

    Jennifer Antonio Ojeda English 8 : 3,4
    6 / 12 / 15 Letter to Students

    Dear students ,

    To pass this Ela class you need a note book. It’s the most the important because it’s a big part of your grade so if you want to pass it better be organized and a table of contents. Also do your homework everyday and class work. Good luck !!


  14. Fernando Martinez says:

    Dear students ,
    It’s very easy to pass this class your journal is very important in this class she is always going to have you writing. Also do not play around in Mrs.Dudley’s class,she is very generous and will always let you play if and only if you finish your work.You better be ready to always be writing don’t do nothing that will get her mad she will say see me 9’th which means after school for her detention. some advice to pass this class.At first you will say the work is too hard but the truth is keep writing in your journal it will help your writing get better and will make the work easier.
    Some advice for the class of next year!

  15. candace williams says:

    candace williams

    Dear students,
    in the 2015-2016 school hello i am one of ms.dudelys former students the main purpose of me writing you this letter is to show you how you can fully sussced in ms.dudleys class.First make sure you have your head in the game make sure you dont play around and be serious about your choices in this.thank you

  16. munickat says:

    Stephon, this is a really good recipe for success! Clever, honest and funny! [90]

  17. munickat says:


  18. wanya says:

    Wanya allen English 8:1
    6/17/15 letter to students

    Dear poor students
    To survive in ms.dudley class be a savage Monday – Thursday but on Friday be a kiss up so you can do 80/20. Always do your homework so you can pass 8th grade. YOU have to have a journal no matter what! Every weekend do your annotated bib. Or face the wrath of a zero in your grade. And don’t get on ms.dudley on nerves or your parent number going to be on her speed dial. If you be a savage on Friday you and the 8th grade ap are going be best friend. When you have a sub for any class remember this code nerd mode its when you fake doing work when the sub leave the room to get security. Their another way you can survive ms.dudley speak a different language to curse if you want no Spanish or French especially german or you will pay the price

  19. Marissa says:

    Marissa says:
    Dear students,
    do well in her class it’s very easy. I don’t want to hear that it’s hard but it’s actually not. If you do the work then it will give you some extra credit in her class.If some of you are new then you still have to do the work no matter what she gives you. I want you students of 2015-16 to do your best and never give up. Hope to see you when I’m in high school!

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