Gravity Glue: Michael Grab Meditations


Pay careful attention to this image, breathing gently as you reflect on its progression.  What thoughts come to mind as you observe? What mood does the image inspire in you?  Describe what you observed. Replay and describe how you reacted to  the image at 28 seconds.  At Join the P[E]ACE conversation about what you and other students see.

In your journal, analyze this video using the visual thinking, bulleted lists, connections, questions:
1. What is going on in this video?

2. Why do you say that?

3. What else is going on?

4. Count your words, fill in your table of contents.

5. Turn and talk to a neighbor about your perceptions.

8. At the end of this Blog post, Click LEAVE A COMMENT or REPLY:  Reply by writing your journal entry here, including any comments from other students that may have added to or changed your opinion.