How does the artist create horror in a visual image?

horror in art
In Roman mythology, the father of the Gods devours his children to ensure none becomes greater than him. Goya, a Spanish artist, painted this child murder on the wall of his house along with other gruesome paintings known collectively as “The Black Paintings.” Of the Black Paintings which Goya completed the other most famous work is probably his “Witches’ Sabbath.”

What may have been playing out in the aging artist’s mind? How does the artist create horror in this painting. Using the ICE strategy answer one of these questions in your writing joural

Script of Anne’s Diary


Review your role as a playwright and the elements of a dramatic script on page 324 of Connections. Screen the student video portraying the conflict between Mr. Dussel and Anne over the desk they must share.

Recall a favorite scene from the drama The Diary of Anne Frank. Write your own version of that scene. Be sure to include the important elements of the script (character list, setting, stage directions, dialogue) in your work to emphasize your understanding of the characterization of Anne Frank by the original.

Type your script in MS Word, then copy and paste to upload here. Your header should indicate that the assignment is “Diary script 1.”

Which emotion stands out in “Flowers for Algernon”??

Google doodle project

Maggie, 2003. Google doodle project

You wrote about an emotion that stands out most for you in “Flowers for Algernon” using the QuickWrite strategy (29th of September).
Transcribe, revise and upload that QuickWrite here. Be sure to check subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and spelling in each sentence.
You may use your notes.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude . . .


N. Faris, 2013 Google doodle project.

Transcribe, revise and upload your critical lens focus write, completed on 22 September, having the title, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Pay close attention to subject and predicate agreement in your sentences.  Singular subjects require singular predicates; plural subjects require plural predicates.

Remember, the critical lens requires these steps:
1. paraphrase the prompt (the quotation);
2. interpret the quotation (what does the author mean?);
3. explicitly agree or disagree (not both);
4. explain why you agree/disagree using textual evidence.

Being Smart Makes You A Better Person

Albert Einstein

Consider the prompt: “Being smart makes you a better person.”

For three minutes, BELIEVE the statement. Write for three minutes giving all the reasons you can think of that make the statement true. Do not stop writing until the bell sounds.


For three minutes, DOUBT the statement. Write for three minutes giving all the reasons you can think of that make the statement untrue. Do not stop writing until the bell sounds.

Ordeal by Cheque

Check it out:



Three checks written between August 30th and and October 3rd tell a story of one man’s life.  What story does each check tell?  What story do all three checks tell when put together?  Write a short narrative that tells the story.

Add the class header at the top of your story. The assignment is ORDEAL BY CHEQUE. Copy your story and paste it in the comments.

TKAM Characters commit plot in a setting

Based on your reading of To Kill a Mockingbird, which characters are of most interest to you? Describe three of them, including their names, ages, and something that distinguishes them from each other.

What do the characters do? What happens in the story so far? Retell the plot in your own words, as descriptively as possible.

Where are the characters? What is the time period? What do the houses, towns, parks, gardens, trees, living rooms, etc., look like?TKAM