What’s going on ..? [vts] 3 February 2020

Look closely at this image, stripped of its caption, and join the moderated conversation about what you and other students see. [Click on image to see larger version.]

In your journal, answer these questions:
1. What is going on in this picture?
2. Why do you say that?
3.  What else do you see?
4. Count your words, fill in your table of contents.
Turn and talk to a neighbor about your perceptions.
Click LEAVE A COMMENT:  Reply to this post by writing your journal entry here, including any comments from other students that may have added to your opinion.

What is going on in the picture?

Look closely at this image, stripped of its caption, and join the P[E]ACE conversation about what you and other students see. [Click on image to see larger version.]


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7 thoughts on “What’s going on ..? [vts] 3 February 2020

  1. This photo is of an extremely detailed clay model of a scene in a lunchroom, diner or restaurant. Despite the possibilities, this is what I think is going on:
    Four black men are sitting in a diner at the lunch counter waiting for their take-out order to arrive, and the White server attending the counter stands looking toward the camera and perhaps at one of the men sitting directly in his line of sight. I say they are in a diner because the men are sitting on stools much like the stools in diners, and are getting takeout because they have no knives and forks or plates set on the long counter before them; the attendant at the diner would have set places for them if they are eating in, and they can’t be waiting to order because there are no menus before them, and the server is just standing there.
    I also see that the diner is colorful, the floor is laid out in a checkered black and white pattern, and the teal juke box in the photo to the left, the small number of items on the overhead menu and the black telephone on the wall looks old fashioned. Maybe it is a retro diner, made to look old, or the photo is of a time many decades ago.

  2. tahlaya says:

    tahlaya : i see clay people at a fast food place .I see a menu with food on it .theres 5 people made out of clay 4 facing left and 1 staring straight .i see a cake and hot sauce and mustard suspense .so maybe someone is planning on making a food place and modeled it out with clay so they can see their vision ,

  3. tasiah,taylor says:

    what is going on in the times picture is that there is four dolls and they are waiting to get food from the doll shef . I say that because the dolls are siting there waiting for there food .I also see a tiny book shelf with white,blue,red,green books and there is a tiny music player from the 60s

  4. alejah(layyy) says:

    there are four black men sitting at a table during black history when blacks could not sit at the white people table i say this because the white men who is cooking are looking at the black men with a weird face. i also that it is showing back in the day when black didnt have there rights

  5. kayliana says:

    this is supposed to be the old times when segregation was still going on.African-Americans was not allowed to be in a dinner,they had to go to the back by the garbage to get their food.It might mean that blacks and whites could be next to each other.

  6. dase says:

    I see 3 black males and one white male that looks like they’re in diner or restaurant.I also see a google sign above them and a cake or ice cream in the back.I say this because it looks like a frosting type of ice cream or cake.Also i see a white male that looks like he cooks because he has one of those chef looking hats.

  7. eli says:

    in this picture i see people at a dinner i say that bc there is a guy with a cook hat on i also see people looking at something i say that bc all of them are looking in the same way

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