Creating a writing community


A community works best if all members agree on the rules, regulations and policies that will govern the proceedings in which all participate.  To this end, you were asked to think critically about the most equitable practices to introduce into our class to ensure that things run in an orderly yet engaging manner.

Please transcribe the rules you have composed to a word processing document..  Then save the document to your Google drive.  Copy and paste the content of our document here.  We will then read each others’ suggestions, and decide upon a constitution of sorts for our class.

Thank you.


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15 thoughts on “Creating a writing community

  1. Karibo Opuiyo 9/15/15
    Period 2
    Ms. Dudley
    Pulchritodinous- Physically Beautiful.
    *When the teacher is talking no one else should be talking.
    *When the teacher is assigning work then we should all be doing it not socializing.
    *Everyone should always be doing something in the class not just sitting around.

  2. Adaeyja says:

    Adaeyja Chambers September 15, 2015 Homework & Definition Pulchritudinous – having great physical beauty, breath taking beauty. Class Rules
    1. Class discussion – You don’t have to raise your hand MOST of the time.
    2. Listen to each other respectfully.
    3. Share out appropriate ideas of the topic.
    4. Stay on topic of the subject we are talking about, if you have any off topic questions at the end of class share out.
    5. Be on time!

  3. Kenneth Palmer says:

    Kenneth palmer 9/15/15
    Homework & Definition

    • Pulchritudinous -is an adjective that means having great physical beauty.
    Class Rules
    1. Listen to the teacher and classmates respectfully.
    2. Be on time!
    3. Stay on task!
    4. Be quiet when someone else is talking

  4. nyraeona says:

    nyraeona HOmework 9/15/15
    Pulchritudinous – Having great physical beauty

    Wonders of the world, such as the eiffel tower, are pulchritudinous.


    1. come in quietly
    2. get materials needed
    3. Start freewrite

  5. Victor Martinez says:

    Classroom Rituals/Routines

    1.Take out a paper before the class starts to use for your free write
    2.Have a pen or pencil ready
    3.Sit quietly until the teacher gives you instructions

    The flower in Romeo’s garden was very pulchritudinous.

    Pulchritudinous- Having great physical beauty

  6. Amari Johnson says:

    Amari Johnson P2 9-15-15
    A routine we can have every day is to walk in and greet everyone and sit down quietly and do our do now or free write. Also, having some time to listen to music on the SmartBoard while working. It would be nice to incorporate mini quizzes to make sure we all understand. We can be interactive and do hands on games and lessons so we can become more engaged. Taking time out to discuss our thoughts and opinions to our classmates.

  7. Adaeyja says:

    I agree with Amari Johnson & Victor Martinez. I believe we should listen to music while working and sit quietly greet everyone when we walk in.

  8. Victor says:

    Nyraeona- I agree with you rules. They were similar to mine.
    Karibo, Kenneth, and Adaeyja- I agree with you rule that says to listen to each other respectfully, i forgot to add that to mine own rules.

  9. Amari Johnson says:

    i agree with Victor Martinez when it comes to sitting quietly until the teacher gives directions. I also agree with Adaeyja when she says stay on topic and share out at the end. This is to make sure we get through what we need to.

  10. Pulchritodinous- Physically Beautiful
    *Be on time *Respect the teacher *Raise ur hand

  11. Abigail Thomas says:

    I agree with Amari Johnson because her idea will help to keep everyone on track. Before class starts everyone should be prepared and ready to start before Mrs. Dudley says it’s time to do our free write. The quiz will help us make sure we always understand what we are doing in class .

  12. Kenneth Palmer says:

    I agree with Adaeyja Chambers and Amari Johnsons routines and rituals for this class

  13. Amari Johnson: I agree with having sometime to listen to music while we are working.

  14. Adaeyja: i also agree with waiting until the end to discuss your off topic questions.

  15. Abigail Thomas says:

    pulchritudinous- physically beautiful:comely


    1.We should be able to look things up our phones
    2.Be on time
    3.If you are late come and sit down without interrupting the lesson.
    4.Come to class prepared and ready to start.

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