The Thesis Statement in the Analytical Essay

When you analyze literature, you evaluate an idea, judge an author’s work, respond to, and describe the author’s use of language, elements and devices. You present this analysis to a specific audience — usually your English teacher.

Your essay should, in more detail than in quick-write analyses and freewrites, address what you write in your thesis statement. Some recommend that the thesis statement be written toward the end of your first paragraph.

Thesis Statement Examples

2 thoughts on “The Thesis Statement in the Analytical Essay

  1. demier harrison says:

    My map is about when I lived in the same spot were i lived now. were i live is some funny and cool things like the time when i road my motorcycle as soon as i got it i charged it up and drove it all over my neighborhood then i got my friend David and he got his motorcycle.And we both road around and then we went down the big hill and then we parked our bikes and went into the haunted / abandon when we first walked in it was creepy i was scared out of my mind no lie we heard foot steps up stairs then we went up stairs and saw a fantom and ran down stair sand left

  2. Karen Simonson says:

    It was a sunny day in the middle of summer and i was outside throwing a ball for my dog. I heard a car dive down the road and i thought,’Oh, no…’. *SPLASH*. I was COVERED HEAD TO TOE in mud. It was really nasty. That was the second time I was covered in mud during the summer…ew. :) Isis and I both dislike homework. That is how we met. (I am walking down the hallway.) “Stupid homework. Why do I have to have so much??? ” To be continued…

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