Avoid hurting others’ spirit or body

Focus:  Avoid hurting the spirit and body of yourself and others.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Describe a time when you hurt someone’s spirit.  What did you say or do to hurt them? Describe a time when someone hurt your spirit.  What did they do to hurt your spirit?

Can you spot the grammatical error? (3rd sentence)

From a Rhinebeck, NY, restaurant menu someone sent me on line 3.7.2019:

Bia (bee-ya) is Irish Gaelic for food, sustenance and alimentation.

web background bia ogham3.jpg

Our goal is to live up to the definition via the guest experience. We wish to provide nourishment in a literal, emotional, and intellectual sense. Bia’s lighting and decor, the warm banter with your server, the music, the wine and of course the food, aims to nourish and restore the spirit of everyone who chooses to spend their hard earned money in our restaurant.

The food is soulful and delicious. The hospitality gracious and warm. The drinks curated and cared for. The ambiance cozy, elegant, and inviting.