2 thoughts on “0001. PERSUASIVE WRITING

  1. reese says:

    The mother is evil because she is one of the people because she is the one who tries to holdback the girl from going to the ball and she doesn’t give enough care to so I think she should be charged with child abuse and torture.

    The dad is also evil in my eyes because he also didn’t take care of her and he treated her like a dog. And when the king came he said he only had a dirty daughter who wasn’t worth it. I think he should be charged with child abuse and torture.

    The step sisters are evil because they make her do all the work and they don’t want her to go to the dance because she looked better than them I think they should get charged with abuse

  2. Anonymous says:

    English 7:1
    4/27/11 Essay

    In the story “Ye Shen,” there was a girl who had a very bad step mom who treated her wrong and looked down on her. I think that in this story there were no criminals. I think that many people mad bad choices. To me one of the bad choices was how the step mother treated her step daughter. Another bad choice to me was when the step mother told Ye Shen that if she did many things that she could go to the dance to get a new man. The last and to me the worst done is when the step mother knows that the shoe belongs to Ye Shen but makes her daughters try on the shoe knowing that they cant fit the shoe.
    I think that all of the choices made were all influenced by the step mother. Everything in this

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