Introductory Paragraph :: Argumentative Essay

downloadWorld history is replete with  tales of tyrants, despots, and so-called “butchers” of humans and human rights.  As part of our studies of the Holocaust , we examine genocide as part of our social justice debate.  You are writing about social justice in an essay having the theme “good men must do something to keep evil from flourishing.” A second essay asks that you argue whether sixteen is too young to drive an automobile, using source material in Connection. In your third essay you argue whether emotions and thoughts Anne Frank reveals in her diary are typical of all teenagers.  Is she a typical teenager? Why or why not?

Review your early writing on each topic.  Check journal entries, notes, etc.  Then please type, proofread, revise, and upload your introductory paragraph here. Be sure to give the essay title so that the reader may distinguish one essay from the other.

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5 thoughts on “Introductory Paragraph :: Argumentative Essay

  1. ashley rojas says:

    The evil wont stop if we don’t do anything. The evil will feel more powerful. They would do much more damage if we just sit there and watch,but if good men do something the evil might stop. If good men don’t do anything the evil will feel more powerful and think they can do anything. If they do whatever they want eventually they would ruin our world.

  2. Marvin Rodriguez(murda) says:

    I believe that 16 is old enough to drive because 16 is the mature age for some people.Also 16 is old enough to drive cause kids usally do dumb things inn this age and driving is a good to learn in life because your gonna need it when your older.This is why 16 is old enough to drive.

  3. JS says:

    I believe that evil to flourish it requires men to do nothing. If the Nazis gave orders to Jews they have to follow and might live or will be taken into the consentration camp. Some good people wont make evil to floursih but it might make it weaker or make it worse. If i believe this quote some will doubt with the quote that it requires good men to flourish. In conclusion, I believe that evil to flourish it requires good men to flourish and some says it doesn’t.

  4. moises says:

    I belive that 16 is to not young to drive a car.The car is important because you can drive to school and not pay every year to take the bus.That is why 16 is not to young to drive also to go to work.That is why i think that 16 is not to young to drive a car at the age of 16.

  5. munickat says:

    I think driving at the age of 16 isnt to young. I feel like it isnt to young to drive because you can get you perimit at that age. I think if they start driving at 16 then theyll be alba to drive better when they get older. Not many people may agree with me because they think 16 is to young to drive. I still think driving at the age of 16 is fine.

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