10 thoughts on “Genius hour plan and refelection

  1. Devin says:

    My goals today during the genius hour were to work on my novel. I wanted to write at least a paragraph. During the genius hour, some challenges I faced were my creative thinking. I had trouble putting all my thoughts down in the novel but I managed to get some done.

  2. Maria Ramirez says:

    During genius Hour my goals were to write and find more ideas to continue my novel. With the help of my peers and their opinion i accomplished revising my novel and making it better. This was a very good opportunity to describe everything about my novel.

  3. SIMONE says:

    Today my goal was to try to come up with an idea for the next genius hour project. Jon and I nominated Zach for a TED talk, as he said he wished he could do a TED talk for his Genius Hour Project. In my novel I have written five chapters, and Zach and Jon began to read it over, which made me all awkward because I don’t think the novel is very good yet, emphasis on yet because I fully intend on making it amazeballz.

  4. Rose Spuhler says:

    My goals today were to get to page 10 of our novel. We got to page 9 and then ran out of time. We faced the obstacle of our laptops not working, which wasted some time. Also, we face the challenge of not knowing what to put where and sometimes connecting things together. Our success is getting so much done in our novel.

  5. Jenna Salmonese says:

    My goals during this genius hour was to get to get to page 10 of our novel. We almost made our goal, getting to page 9. We went through the obstacles of the lap tops in class so we had a late start, then we went to the computer lab and we got started. Our process includes both of Rose and I being logged into Google Docs and both typing at the same time.

  6. Jessica Thompson says:

    My goal was to get feedback on the twenty pages I have written, some obstacles I faced to achieve were the laptop not working and a lack of time. The process consisted of me and Max trying to read over the story and stopping periodically to discuses what worked and didn’t work.

  7. adrianna says:

    my goals today was to really get a head start on my nanowrimo because i have been able to do a lot with it. MY writing is building up i dont know how many words i have. i am really going to work on it during Thanksgiving break.

  8. Keisha Mincey says:

    My goal today is to ask my classmates for any inputs on my work and try to incorporate what they say to make it better. I am trying my best to get to that today. The challenges that i have know faced was that i didnt know what to write anymore so I have a wall in front of me know but i am thinking of more ideas

  9. munickat says:

    the do now was really about finding this site so that at the end of the period (ten-minute bell) you could complete this with actual FACTS!

  10. munickat says:

    I hope you got some serious feedback. It certainly looked promising. Thank you for your industry!

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