A letter to Dudley’s incoming students . . .


Before we say farewell, and before you forget me and all the activities, such as the “ball game,” or the play that you wrote and performed, Genius Hour that was a failure, and the other fun and not so fun work we did this year, take the time to give some advice to the next students who will have me as their English teacher next year.

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4 thoughts on “A letter to Dudley’s incoming students . . .

  1. Victor Martinez says:

    Dear Ms.Dudley’s Students,
    Good Luck. That’s all I have to say. But seriously. At first you’ll think Ms.Dudley is insane. She teaches differently from other teachers, but you’ll appreciate it. You’ll be laughing in her class, even if you think you hate her. To pass her class all you have to do is show up, and do the homework. How much easier could that be? If she mentions Genus Hour, be prepared. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks. The only thing that’s bad about it is having to post your progress. It can get confusing. Mrs.Dudley also uses Google Classroom. Good luck with that. It seems like she adds assignments that you’ve never heard of. She does. Anyway, overall you’ll end up liking her. Especially when she brings food.
    ~Victor Martinez

  2. Abigail Thomas says:

    Dear freshman,
    Hey, How was your summer anyway I had Mrs.Dudley last year for English class. Let me warn you now be prepared to WRITE for your life. ALSO IF SHE SUGGEST GENIUS HOUR I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TURN DOWN HER OFFER. My favorite thing we did this year was the Romeo and Juliet play ( I was Juliet) it was really fun. Anyway enjoy your freshman year i hope it’s as great as mine was.
    Abigail Thomas

  3. Kenneth Palmer says:

    Kenneth Palmer
    English 9H:2
    Friday, June 2016

    Dear Students,
    BE AWARE, Ms. Dudley is like a dynamic character of a story. She is very hard on you in the beginning of the year and towards the end of the year she becomes much more outgoing and fun to be with. Just to let you known she gives you a lot of work. Make sure your here everyday and not tardy because you will miss plenty of work. If Mrs. Dudley ask you if you want genius hour. Don’t even think twice about saying no, make sure you say NO!!!! When you read Romeo and Juliet Do Not miss any days. You don’t want to miss any days because you will not know anything about the play nor the movie. Ms.Dudley will let you watch the movie one day and the next day go back to the textbook. But all I am saying is make sure your here almost everyday.
    Sincerely, Kenneth Palmer

  4. Adaeyja says:

    Adaeyja chambers 9H:2
    June 10 , 2016 Letter to next year

    Dear ms.Dudley’s next year class ,
    Hello , my name is Adaeyja chambers you probably know me pretty light skin long curly hair that’s me. To be prepared for this wonderful class you must always keep track of your notebook for your do nows , essays , all the important task . Everything mostly goes in the notebook so don’t LOSE IT !! main part of your grade. Also always be the head of the class, always speak when you have an idea, if you don’t know something ask. Ms. Dudley tells it how it is. Make sure you do your hw that’s main part of your grade too. Just have fun and listen to everything she says. Fall behind a couple days ? Come after school she’ll help no matter what. She’s the best teacher anybody could have.

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