What’s going on in this picture? [vts]

In your journal, answer these questions:
1. What is going on in this picture?
2. Why do you say that?
3.  What else do you see?
4. Count your words, fill in your table of contents.
Turn and talk to a neighbor about your perceptions.
Click LEAVE A COMMENT:  Reply to this post by writing your journal entry here, including any comments from other students that may have added to your opinion.


What's going on in this picture?
Look closely at this image, stripped of its caption, and join the moderated conversation about what you and other students see.

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7 thoughts on “What’s going on in this picture? [vts]

  1. Kayden says:

    I see four people jumping from building to building.

  2. circleorcourage says:

    Two groups of three men seem to be tumbling from the sky, perhaps from an airplane without parachutes, skydiving. They are in various stages of their falls, but seem to be grouped in threes. Perhaps they are practicing synchronized skydiving without parachutes, landing on an unseen net below. I say this because they are falling or jumping from heights too great to survive such a fall without some type of protection below, and because there are two distinct groupings of three men, perhaps due to having to take turns from a small aircraft door, or perhaps due to some rules regarding judging such a competition, if indeed, this is some kind of competition, or even job “interview” common only to the film, or circus (Cirque Soleil?), or even rescue areas of endeavor.
    I also see that it is a cloudy bright day, with lovely cloud formations in different shades of gray accented by highlights. The men are dressed in striped garb, like stereotypical prison garb, in black and white, probably because the photo is not in color. A black and white photograph, I believe this scene is more dramatic than if it had been filmed in color.

  3. camren says:

    I see what looks to be circus performers performing their act. I see this because they are all wearing the same costume and doing what looks like flips in the air. I also see a wall with what seems to be a logo of some sort.

  4. mariedan says:

    i see people jumping off something because as you can see in the photo it looks like their jumping off something also, i can see a thing on the bottom

  5. dasei says:

    i see six men jumping of a building witch i think is a prison because they are dressed in black in white prison clothes or they are parkour people that are doing a prison scene

  6. vassar7ss says:

    i think there are 6 men jumping into a pool .I think that because there is something you jump off in the picture that you jump off at the pool .I also notice that the build looks like the type of build that has a pool in it or in front of it.

  7. kingnas06 says:

    I see a statues of people falling.i feel like its related to 9/11 because people falling from hights

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