One thought on “55-word short story

  1. munickat says:

    What happens when students use symbols to generate narrative in high school classroom?
    students let their writing selves free when they get a nugget.
    set up character & settting and write
    chronicle the financial records
    students work in groups and … write a narrative
    They usually have to do a little math
    figure out some kind of historical context
    use things like a photograph
    walk through time by check
    easily get involved in story telling
    give students enough fuel to write 2-3 pages
    freeing to students
    in science, figure out seaship’s location via latitude, current
    produce evidence based writing
    piece together information
    play detective
    follow a check trail
    develop point of view in their writing
    check the veracity of their facts
    practice inference
    plot structure, characterization
    reluctant writers are motivated to get involvled
    interpreting, inferring, putting together a draft
    students can fill in the plot
    use same observation and inference used in science class
    write a spin-off from different persons’ perspectives
    enjoy writing together
    piece primary documents back together
    apply understanding of story structure,character traits, sequencing, conclusions
    writing from different points of view
    learn cooperatively
    share ideas without fear of being wrong
    working together in a creative fashion
    zoom in, slowing down time, adding dialogue, facial expression, etc
    have fun carefully examining historical documents
    makes them read closely
    Gives the students more structure
    lets them construct the story

    they can do whatever they want.

    Artifacts like checks, photos, receipts inspire writing

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