What’s Wrong?

1.  The definition of critical thinking has changed somewhat over the past decade. Originally the dominion of cognitive psychologists and philosophers, behaviorally-oriented psychologists and content specialists have recently joined the discussion. The following are some examples of attempts to define critical thinking.

2.  All children should be given an equal education by removing boundaries that limit learning. A child’s quality of education should not be determined by the neighborhood they live in. (B p.321)

3.  The human attribute of processing information, using it to “live wisely” and understanding our own mortality as humans pursue their life’s quests (B p. xvi).

fomr: http://www.edpsycinteractive.org/topics/cogsys/critthnk.html

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One thought on “What’s Wrong?

  1. jaquez says:

    i agree cuz the kkk would not to do stuff bad if we all will get along they do bad stuff cuz they think black people are bad cuz thatz there religion to kill black people so they cause of there religion

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