4 thoughts on “What are your interview questions and the interviewee answers?

  1. Quentyn Cole says:

    Inverviewing Questions
    1)What would you like for a pet if you don’t have one already?Why?

    2)What is your favorite month of the year?Why

    3)What do you like in a person to be your friend?

    4)What are you most passionate about?Why?

    5)What is your favorite food?Why?

  2. Mya shackleford says:

    Do you feel weird meeting new people?
    No because he likes having friends.
    Pizza ,cheese burgers, hotdogs ,fried chicken, white rice ,and curry chicken.
    Yes because he is good at soccer.
    Indoors because he likes playing video games and jig saw puzzles.
    Do you admire popstars ? why.
    No ,because he likes Rege and rap.

  3. Quentyn Cole says:

    Jordan’s interview

    By Quentyn Cole.

    I asked Jordan a few questions so I could get to know him a little better. I asked Jordan what he would like for a pet if he didn’t have one already he said he would like a dog even though he has one already. I also asked him what his favorite month he said it was September because his that is his birthday month. Then I asked him what he likes in a person for a friend, he said that have to have MONEY! After that I asked him what is he most passionate about his answer was he likes to go outside. And lastly I asked him what his favorite food was and he said its cheesecake because he likes to say it. That is how the interview went. By Quentyn Cole

  4. 8th period says:

    miss dudley is ugly

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