Quick-Write Response: Characterization of Mr. Dolphus Raymond

It is easy to characterize Mr. Dolphus Raymond as an unreal, nonracist character. His neighbors and inhabitants of Maycomb criticize him for his behavior. They do not associate with him. We see Mr. Raymond engage with Dill near the courthouse. Is Mr. Raymond what the citizens say of him?

Decide if Mr. Raymond is a positive or a negative character. Respond in a quick response in which you characterize Mr. Dolphus and describe what you think of him based on what others say of him. Support your response by writing three details from the text as your evidence. Be sure to place the passages you use as evidence in quotation marks.

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6 thoughts on “Quick-Write Response: Characterization of Mr. Dolphus Raymond

  1. camryn says:

    Camryn Buckley English 8:3
    2/11/15 Quick Write
    Mr Raymond is an posotive character in the is a story. Mr Raymond posotive character because he does not see anything wrong with dating a black woman. The town needed reason why he would do such a thing, so he pretends he is a drunk. He says crazy when hes drunk. Another reason is he is a nice guy. When Dill gets sick because of what he seen at the courthouse Mr Raymond gets him a drink to feel better. Thats how Mr Raymond is a posotive guy.

  2. quentyn colr says:

    Dolphus Raymond is a positive character.It is easy to say that MR.Dolphus Raymond is a un real nonracist character, because he isnt. And i guess that people are starting to suspect that.
    Also people think that he isnt racist because he is married to a African American Woman. So in order to prove that he IS aginst black people
    or that he IS racist he acts drunk ALL THE TIME so people can say'” the only reason he sleeps with her is because hes always drunk.in Chapter 20 Scot also thinks that Raymond is “Evil” according to the text.

  3. wanya says:

    i lik boo radely,and i would be mysterious an interesting

  4. munickat says:

    Great citation of evidence. Not so great review of your writing. Spelling, punctuation?

  5. munickat says:

    What do you mean “I would be mysterious”?

  6. munickat says:

    You accurately characterize Raymond in paragraph 2. Please provide more detailed evidence from text to support first paragraph.

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