Three One One :: Eighty Twenty Genius Project

img001Before beginning your project today, please answer the following questions.

What is your project?
Who will work with you on this project?
Who is the audience / user base / client base for this project?
Why is this project worthwhile?
What do you expect to learn from this project?

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27 thoughts on “Three One One :: Eighty Twenty Genius Project

  1. Stephon says:

    1. I want to make a game on the computer.
    2. I will work with my friend Moises.
    3. My class will be the audience when I show the class.
    4. Because we want to make are own game
    5. I want t start to make my own games on a daily so I can play it when i’m bored

  2. moises says:

    (1)Making a game on the computer.(2)My friend Stephon.(3)My classmates.(4)For the 80/20.(5)This project is worth a while because we can learn something new.(6)I expect to learn how to make a game

  3. ashley rojas says:

    1) my project is playing a game in the computer and then trying to make my own
    2)nobody is going to do this project even tho other kids are going to do the same project as me
    3) the audience is my class and teacher
    4)i think this project is worth while because we dont have to do work all the time well we are doing work but we still get to have some kind of fun
    5)im expecting to learn how to make a video game and see if i actually like using the internet and electronics as much as i believe i do

  4. Destiny says:

    My project is Music.I will work with nobody if i work with somebody it will just be distracting.The audience is the teacher and the class.This project is worthwhile because it can help me work and improve better.The thing i expect to learn from this project is to be more focused and work full in class more,to be in my own comfort zone.

  5. says:

    I am going to learn how to make my own video game.
    stephon franklin is going to help me with this project.
    the class is going to be my audience for 80;20.
    I really wanted to make my own game because i like to play them and teach them to people who needs help.
    I expect to learn how to make my own video game.

  6. zakiya johnson says:

    listening to music is my project
    no one will help me
    no one i dont have audience
    to help me feel better during my project
    i want to learn how to relax

  7. Destiny says:

    Today i plan to listen to music and write down what im listening to.Then i will write what the song is about and how it makes me feel.

  8. Stephon says:

    Today February 20, 2015 I want to accomplish to start to make my own game from scratch and i’ll will go on .

  9. Stephon says:

    Today I Started and i finished the map that i started and that was stage 1 of my game

  10. Destiny says:

    Today i learned that music is really relaxing and i can get a lot of work done by listening to music.Music is really a good way to get things done and a good way to relax.

  11. Destiny says:

    English 8:1 80\20 project

    1.Chris brown -Ayo
    This song is really fun and hyper.I like this song because it has a little rap and then r&b in it.
    2.Trap Queen-Fetty Wrap
    This song is cool.I like it because its rap and its very catchy.
    This song is about,well i dont know its just cool and its rap really good song.
    4.Ot Genasis-Coco
    This song is very catchy and great to dance to.I like it because its funny and cool.
    5.Rae Sremmurd-Throw Some More ]
    I like this song because its good and helps you get into the dancing mood.Its really free and fun.

  12. zakiya says:

    zakiya johnson english8:1
    2-27-15 essay
    good men can flourish evils

    i believe that a good can flourish evils.the good man that flourish evils were the nazi they weren’t evil until they talk to hitler. They flourished evils by being followers,to please hitler,to make them feel better about how they treart the jews.this is some of the reasons why good men can flourish evils.

  13. Destiny says:

    Destiny Gordon English8:1
    2/27/15 Essay

    I believe that for evil to flourish it takes good men to do nothing.
    In the Holocaust good men were forced or wanted to work for Hitler. They did what he said and killed and gave people orders.Some good men are the ones who bring evil to accomplish nothing.Forexample-In surviving Hitler the guards were good men,they would help Jack by giving him extra food.Some good men are the ones who bring evil for no reason.

  14. Stephon says:

    Stephon Franklin 2/27/15

    I believe that 16 is old enough to drive. Teens should be mature & responsible to drive a car at that age. Teens need to drive to school or his or her job if they have one. Teens need to learn how to drive for emergency causes. Some others think that 16 is to young to drive because some people are not mature and more young teenagers get in more car accidents than older teens. That is why I think that 16 is old enough to drive.

  15. Marvin Rodriguez(murda) says:

    1(finished my intro 2(tried some games 3(for the 80/20

  16. Destiny says:

    Destiny Gordon English8:1
    3/6/15 80-20 project
    Today i listened to music and wrote down how it made me feel.I learned that music is a great way to escape from problems,well for me it is .I love music and how it makes me feel.I could not go anywhere without music.

  17. Destiny says:

    Friday May 8 i did my 80/20 on music.I had to write down what song i listened to and what the song is about.

  18. Destiny says:

    Friday may 8 i listened to music and described what i had to do. I learned how to be relaxed and how to get work done better.

  19. munickat says:


  20. munickat says:

    I wanted you to tell me here what you listened to and what the song is about. But thank you for responding.

  21. munickat says:

    Wonderful! What music did you listen to? How did it make you feel — each song or the whole group?

  22. munickat says:

    Moises, this does not tell me much. What intro did you finish? Which web site were you on? More details, please.

  23. munickat says:

    Thank you. Check out rules on its versus it’s!

  24. munickat says:

    Do you sometimes find that you pay more attention to the music than to the work?

  25. munickat says:

    Thank you. Punctuation!

  26. munickat says:

    Thank you for the update.

  27. munickat says:

    Did you achieve your goal?

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